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Our agency ignites business growth and amplifies impact through the behavioral sciences.
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About Third Tangent

We are an independent, behavioral-led marketing studio on a mission to accelerate the growth and development of social-focused organizations and inspirational brands in the UAE and region. By harnessing the power of applied behavioral insights, targeted strategies and creative thinking, we help our clients gain a competitive edge and drive their business impact. 

The Knowledge We Bring

We bring unique knowledge, creativity, and the combined global and local perspective required to ignite business growth or cultivate positive change.


  • We are strategy-focused and build on market context and competitive considerations that impact your business
  • We understand consumer behavior and the decision-making defaults people generally rely on
  • We go beyond the science of consumer decision making, and leverage applying a wider realm of marketing psychology principles into our work to influence desired actions
  • We harness these unique insights and perspectives to craft better targeted and effective brand designs and campaigns

The Impact We Help Create

We help brands achieve the most aligned, impactful, and authentic expression of their purpose and brand promise.


We use our deeper understanding of the behavioral sciences to improve your marketing, your product branding or nudge a positive behavior for a social good campaign.


Through intelligent marketing research and our unique behavioral-led thinking, we capture every opportunity for growth and deliver the kind of powerful marketing and brand strategies that inspire and motivate customers driving your brand’s success.

The Unique Approach We Follow

Our approach is informed by behavioral insights and creative thinking centered around consumer behavior and marketing psychology with an impact-driven five-step process that can solve any marketing challenge.


Connecting the dots in your market and business dynamics to identify the needs, gaps and opportunities


Transforming rigorous behavioral sciences and psychologies into streamlined thinking that explains your consumer habits


Utilizing these unique insights to create powerful growth strategies


Aligning strategy and creative communication to amplify your brand’s difference and impact


Refining our approach to accelerate results based on real-time performance

Our Services

We deliver expert marketing research, strategies and powerful growth plans customized to our clients' areas of focus or provide a more comprehensive 360-degree approach.







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